Forced off the road during a violent nighttime storm, big rig driver Kelsey Brannigan and her feisty mutt Max shelter beside an abandoned church in Taiban, New Mexico. Inside the old church, Max discovers a victim of the storm—a raven with a broken wing. Kelsey names the injured bird Midnight and reaches out to Wildlife Rescue with hopes they can mend the wing and return Midnight to the sky. Along the way, Kelsey introduces us to a gallery of truckers and western towns—while romance kindles between her and a stoic, rugged cowboy named Rick Delgado.

Midnight by Tom Claffey

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Midnight, by Tom Claffey, is a captivating read. Suspense, danger, courage, love, and kindness intertwine in this story of intrepid long-haul trucker, Kelsey Brannigan, her dog Max, and a Raven named Midnight”
Lucia St. Clair Robson

“At first glance, wild bird rescue and women truck drivers may seem an unlikely combination. But in Midnight, the story unfolds as smoothly as a bird’s wing soaring through the clouds. The challenges of rehabilitating  an injured raven and the heart-pounding tension presented by some very evil bad guys add extra levels of complexity to this well-crafted novel about deep friendships and the modern American west. A good read!”
Anne Hillerman

“A deftly crafted work of instantly engaged reading from first page to last, Midnight clearly showcases the author’s genuine flair for originality and character driven storytelling, making Tom Claffey’s Midnight certain to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.”
Midwest Book Review

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